How to delete Comcast email account

If you are using one of the best email and internet service providers in US, then you must be a Comcast email support account holder. This is one of the most amazing email services which is faster and secure one too. You can use it in your computer as well in mobile device too. When you don’t want to use your Comcast email account any more or if you want to drop it, then you should delete it.


You must be wondering to delete Comcast email account because you haven’t done so before. Don’t worry; this guide will help you to delete your Comcast email account. You need to sign-in as primary user to delete secondary user which is not in use. Before you delete account, we recommend you to take back-up of your email and messages for future use. You couldn’t get them back after deleting.

Steps to deleted Comcast email account

  • First you need to sign in to My Account as the primary user
  • Then go and click on Users & Preferences option
  • Here you need to select the username you want to delete from the given list of usernames on your account
  • After selecting the user name go and click on Delete or Suspend User
  • Once you will click on it a new window will appear
  • If you want to delete the username then click on Delete this account
  • Here comes the confirmation window, then click on Confirm
  • That’s all; you are done.

If you still find problem or looking for more help you can connect our Comcast email service team at toll-free number 1-800-969-1417. We are a third-party service provider for Comcast email support and available 24 X 7.


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